Do you use dental floss?

Do you use dental floss?

Flossing our daily oral cleaning routine is essential to keep teeth and gums healthy. The proper use of dental floss allows us to remove plaque and food debris from places that we can not reach with the brush: under the gum and between the teeth.

It is important to floss at least once a day. Choose the time of day that suits you best, although it is usually recommended before going to sleep. There are several theories about whether it is better to floss before or after brushing, but more than the moment, what is really important is to use it .


In favor of the use of dental floss before brushing , it is usually indicated that this will allow brushing to cover with the toothpaste all areas, even those that would otherwise not reach, and that by peeling off plaque and bacteria before, the brush will remove them later.

On the other hand, in favor of the use of dental floss after brushing , it is alleged that it is a complement of the toothbrush in our daily routine, so its use will serve to reinforce, eliminating the plaque that the brush has not been able to remove.

How to use

Whether it’s before or after the toothbrush, it’s okay to floss whenever you brush your teeth. If this is not possible, it is usually recommended to do it at least once a day (preferably, before going to sleep).

To use it correctly, the steps are the following:

  1. Cut approximately 40 or 50 cm . of dental floss and roll most of it around the ring fingers, leaving about 4 or 5 centimeters free.
  2. Grasping the floss between the thumbs and indexes and, leaving it tight, gently slide it up and down between our teeth.
  3. Bend the floss very gently around the base of each tooth, passing under the gum (always without forcing the thread , so as not to damage the gum).
  4. Remove the thread gently and with movements from back to front to clean the teeth correctly.
  5. Use sections of clean yarn as we move from tooth to tooth.


It is important that when we use dental floss we do it correctly and gently. Its incorrect use can cause the non-elimination of the bacterial plaque properly and even traumatize our gums.

Our recommendation is that you choose the dental floss that best suits your needs and that you introduce this task into your daily routine … Your smile will thank you!

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