Do not neglect your mouth in summer!

Summer not only means heat, sun and beach, but also a change in our daily routine: more plans after work, more meals away from home, more time on the terraces and holidays !! And, although August is about to end, there is still summer ahead.

Due to these changes in our day to day and in our diet, since summer is also a time when the intake of sugars increases, we must pay special attention to the care of our mouth. Oral hygiene should not go on vacation!


In Pierrot we want to give you some brief tips to keep a healthy mouth also during the summer:

1.Try to reduce the consumption of sugar : We all like sugary drinks and ice cream, especially when it’s hot, but … Why not freshen up with a natural juice or a piece of fruit?

2. Try to keep our dental hygiene routine : For this, it is best to take a travel kit with us always, which will allow us to brush our teeth wherever we are.

3. Drink water!  Sometimes we do not remember how important it is to drink water. This forms the saliva, which is responsible for protecting our mouth against acidity, bacteria, etc. Also, if we can not wash our teeth after a meal, drinking water will also help us eliminate food waste and balance the pH of our mouth.

4. Beware of chlorine! In summer it is very common to spend time in swimming pools, but the contact of our teeth with chlorine can damage our enamel and our gums. Therefore, it is advisable to wash your teeth thoroughly after a day of swimming.


Following these little tips, we can enjoy the rest of the summer without having to worry about our oral health. 😉And at Pierrot we love taking care of your smiles.😀

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