We brush our teeth unconsciously without stopping to think if we are doing it correctly. You are probably committing one or several errors of which we will mention below:

1. Do you wet the brush before you start brushing?

It is a very common mistake that causes a loss of effectiveness of the sows.

2. Apply the toothpaste covering the entire surface of the brush.

For reasons of aesthetics, we usually see images in which the toothpaste is applied along the entire surface of filaments, but the correct thing is to cover only a third of this. Applying a greater amount does not report any additional benefit.

3. Brush by moving the brush horizontally.

The correct way in which you should move the brush along the surface of your teeth is by making semicircles from the top to the bottom, that is, vertically.


4. Forget the hygiene of the tongue.

It is very important to eliminate the bacteria that lodge in the tongue so you can use the back of some brushes or a tongue cleaner.

5. Brush your teeth as soon as you eat.

Finally, this common mistake of which we have spoken before. It is advisable to wait around 30 minutes after meals, since the

pH of our mouth is very acidic after meals, and it is convenient to wait until it is regulated so as not to damage our enamel.

Which one or which of these mistakes were you committing? Now you know a few more tricks to take care of your mouth 😉Follow us to find out everything!

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