Choosing your toothbrush is much more important than you think

Surely when you go to buy some shoes you look at several models, you try them, you like that they are not only pretty, but also comfortable … After all, the feet are a very important part of our body and, therefore, there are to take care of them Do you consider your teeth less important? If the answer is no, continue reading.

When buying a toothbrush, we should not take home the first one that falls into our hands, but we should choose it correctly. Remember: We are talking about the health of your mouth! Given the large existing offer, from Pierrot we give you some tips to choose the right brush.

First, the size of the head- DOES matter. We must choose brushes with a medium or small head , because with large size we will have problems to access properly to all corners of our mouth, especially the rear pieces.

In the case of children, it is very important that the brush is the right size and, therefore, the most advisable is to look at the recommended models for each age range.

Another extremely important feature is the hardness of the bristles or filaments. Most experts agree that choosing a toothbrush with medium hardnessallows us to remove the remains of food and the plaque produced, without damaging the enamel of the teeth or our gums.

Regarding the type of handle of the brush, it is recommended that it be anatomical and that it be made with non-slip material . These specifications aside, we leave the model in question to the taste of the consumer. The best brush shape will be the one that is comfortable for us and allows us to easily reach all our teeth.

Renew your brush every 3 months

Once we have chosen our ideal toothbrush, we should remember to change it approximately every 3 months or earlier if necessary. We may see the strands of our worn-out brush and decide not to wait for those 3 months, or we may even have been sick with a cold-another powerful reason to switch toothbrushes ahead of time. Or do you want to keep all those germs living in your brush?

Remember that keeping your toothbrush in good condition contributes greatly to having better oral hygiene.

Following these recommendations, if you want to find the perfect brush for you, at Pierrot we have an extensive range of toothbrushes so you can start using it as soon as possible.

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