Pierrot Oral Care Myanmar

Our history

Pierrot is a commercial brand integrated within Fushima’s   group. A
             cantabrian family enterprise with international vision that
             manufactures high quality oral care products since 1945.

  Pierrot is currently consolidated as a global brand present in more
than 50 countries (27% in Africa, 40% in Europe, 11% in America and
22% in Asia) with an strong intention of growing internationally in the                                                                                              future.

      Thanks to its efforts, Pierrot has achieved the recognition of the
          Spanish Society of Dental Hygienists HIDES, has received the
              award: Company with the Greatest International Outlook in
            Cantabria and the AENOR’s ISO 9001 certificate as a quality                                                                                        guarantee.

Our philosophy

In Pierrot we think our most valuable asset is the people that each day give their best to research and develop new oral care solutions.

Unlike bigger volume brands, Pierrot tries to solve the real needs of consumers focusing in selling only that products that actually give a palpable benefit to people’s health.